10 Animals that Scientists want to de-extinct


10 Animals that Scientists want to de-extinct

Attempts are being made by scientists all over the world to perfect the method of cloning. They are also trying to conserve DNA of certain animals so that they can be resurrected. Ironically, human beings pushed these animals to extinction because of human impact but now they want the animals to come back! Is this Jurassic Park coming to life? Was the whole film actually a sneak peek into the future maybe a hundred years from when it was produced? Can we expect scientists to bring back the saber toothed tiger? Can the world live the Ice Age again- all four parts that is? Below is a list of ten animals that the scientists are attempting to bring back to life from their conserved DNA in fossilized remains.

9Baiji River Dolphin

Baiji River Dolphin

The Baiji River Dolphin was found in the Yangtze River of China until 2002. They are the first species of Dolphins that have been driven to extinction by the activities of human beings. These dolphins are also the first amongst largest mammals to become extinct recently. There are different conflicting claims about this cetacean specie. One research suggests that a couple of specimens might still be alive. In fact they have reported sightings of this dolphin. And, that scientists should not hurry in creating a clone of the original. The sightings however have been unconfirmed and they have been reported by The Guardian as being so. Another research states that because of being relatively new and recent extinction, the fresh DNA might be easier to replicate. So the white dolphin is a potential specie for cloning.