10 Bizarre Ingredients in Delicious Foods


10 Bizarre Ingredients in Delicious Foods

Food agencies across the globe are responsible for us having fresh and delicious food at our disposal. With over seven billion inhabitants on this gracious planet, it is an arduous task for essential foods, that meet our nutritional needs, to be distributed at efficient costs and effective methods. Hence, food agencies greatly modify the food we eat to meet this demanding quota. Keep reading to find out about some delicious foods prepared with some bizarre ingredients.


Can yogurt protect women


Yogurt is a victim of bacterial fermentation, so that already discourages people from eating it. Nonetheless, this delicious treat contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei and Bifidus, all probiotics that can stimulate a healthy digestive system, defend against sicknesses, and minimize the percentage of eczema in babies. On another note, processed red dye is actually manufactured from cochineal beetles, which are killed and then dried to make the dye. Therefore, a nice, fresh package of strawberry Yoplait yogurt has numerous of the deceased beetles in its container.

That should give plenty of more people a reason to be disgusted of yogurt, but in fact, the beetles are responsible for a number of red dyes in no particular. The reason why food manufacturers use these beetles is because of the recent news linking artificial dyes to cancer. Surprisingly, these manufacturers are actually saving our lives with an organic ingredient, go figure.