10 Most Unique Couples In The World


10 Most Unique Couples In The World

Studies have shown that people are more likely to choose life partners who have greater similarities with them. Such as white people are more likely to marry whites, blacks to blacks, browns to browns, rich to rich and so on. But the 10 couples of this certainly defy all studies. Although interracial marriages are quite common nowadays (at least among celebrities), even same sex marriages have become legal in many countries, but what about the interspecies marriage. We’re pretty sure you haven’t heard that one. Keep reading the list to know about a woman who chose a non-human life partner, and also gain the knowledge about some of the most unique couples in the world.

1210. Martin Van Buren And Anna Haining Swan

Martin Van Buren And Anna Haining Swan
Martin Buren who is sometimes called the “Kentucky Giant” was famed for his giant appearance. Some reputable sources including Guinness Book of World Records have him listed at being 7 feet and 7.5 inches tall and weighing 149 kg. But the more fascinating thing about the man is that he married to an equally giant women named Anna Haining Swan

Becouse of their giant size the marriage of Martin and Anna resulted in one of the most incredible couples in history. Some of you might be wondering what if their kids were giant too, that would be a family of giants. Sorry to disappoint you, Anna gave birth to a perfectly normal baby. However, This adorable couple was certainly one of the most fascinating couples in history.