10 Movies You Need to Watch if Having a Bad Day


Admit it, movies make life beautiful! But it also strongly depends on what kind of movies you watch. Movies can ruin your life too, if they are the wrong kind! Some movies leave an imprint on your mind forever and kind of stick along. Whenever you find your favorite movie being played on the television while scrolling through channels, you start watching it even if you had a hundred times before. Why? Because that movie reminds you of the good stretch you had watching it the previous time- it kind of carries you away! Here are 10 of some hundreds of movies you need to watch if you’re having a bad day. Trust me, they Will do justice to your mood as they do to mine!

10Hot Rod

Hot Rod Movie

Starring Andy Samberg and Isla Fisher, the First look to this movie could make you think what a cheesy flick, with the goofy teenage wannabees and their lame stunts going wrong. But as you proceed, it will clobber your inner critic until you get to love it. You will learn to love all the weirdness of the wannabe stunt man with a mission who plays the lead and his bonding with the people around him with an utter sprinkle of stupidity. If you are looking for good-looking macho boys doing cool stuff, this movie could disappoint you! The boys in the movie teach that perfection is not needed in doing something cool.