10 Tips to improve battery life of your Android Smartphone


10 Tips to improve battery life of your Android Smartphone

Latest top-notch Android smartphone may have state of the art specification but performance comes at the price of poor battery life, and those smartphones tend to run out of battery quickly. If you are interested in squeezing out some more battery life from your Android smartphone without significantly affecting performance, you are at the right place.

In past 7-8 years phones has become thinner and thinner, which left less room for battery. On top of that brighter displays and faster quad-core and octa-core processor made the situation worse in terms of battery life. With each iteration of Android OS more and more app runs at the background, power-hungry GPS, 3G and 4G LTE network are also significantly shortens battery life of the smartphone.

For past 10 years or so processor speed, RAM and CPU load increased more than 10 fold, comparatively in terms of battery technology there was a little improvement. But good news is that you can get lot more battery life from your Android smartphone by strategically adjusting some settings and disabling a few unwanted features. Here we will discuss in-depth the Top 10 ways to squeeze out most battery life out of your Android smartphone.

Below screenshots are taken from a Google Nexus Device with Android v5.0.2 installed. If your phone has a different version of Android or have skin on top of Android (TouchWiz,HTC Sense), the interface may differ slightly. Readers are advised to keep that in mind

12 Enable Power Saver mode

Turn on Power Saver mode when you are running low on battery. Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with inbuilt power saver mode. Along with Android 5.0, Phones like Galaxy S5, HTC one M8 comes with ultra power saving mode, even though they do not have Lollipop. On certain phone it can be configured such that it turns on power saving mode when battery juice goes below certain level. Power saving mode restricts some radio, data and sync function to squeeze out an extra hour of run-time or standby time up to a day.

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