10 Ways Humans are Getting Closer to Immortality


10 Ways Humans are Getting Closer to Immortality

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then you already stand a good chance of making the cut.

Disease and old age are going out of style. Advancing technology is pushing the limits of modern medicine every day. As more people live longer, we are finding new ways not just to delay death, but make old age enjoyable. We are rapidly approaching the point where, if you can just avoid an accident (which is also getting easier) and stay alive just a little longer, you will be part of the first generation to live well into the triple digits—and be healthy enough to actually enjoy your golden years.

1010. War is Winding Down

10 Ways Humans are Getting Closer to Immortality
The world has never been safer. In the U.S., alone, we are enjoying the lowest crime rate in decades—violent crimes like murder and rape, as well as major burglaries are all down and have been going down for years. We tend to see and hear a lot more about when these types of crimes do occur, but that has more to do with the speed and coverage of the media today than with how often violent crimes actually occur. And the good news is not limited to the U.S.

The world has never been more peaceful. The number of wars (and casualties of war) are at an all-time low around the world—even in active combat zones. Just as with domestic crime, we see a lot of publicity surrounding military activity, but the numbers show that war is trending downward. The chances of fighting or dying in a war have long dictated the limits of human life—if the modern trend continues, this will become one of the last threats to longevity.