10 Weird Things That Could Get You Arrested


10 Weird Things That Could Get You Arrested

It’s embarrassing and infuriating when one gets arrested. What is even worse is getting arrested for a crime you didn’t know exists. Imagine going through your normal life and doing your normal things then a policeman from nowhere comes and arrests you for doing something you’ve been doing all your life. Or even playing an innocent joke on someone then you are told there is a law against that. There are things you need to think twice before doing if you want to be on the right side of the law. Have a look at 10 weird things that could get you arrested.

12 Charging Your Phone on a Train

Charging Your Phone on a Train

45 year old Robin Lee from North London was arrested for charging his iPhone on a London over ground train. A policeman approached him and accused him of taking the electricity illegally. He was handcuffed, thrown in a police van and taken to the local police station. The crime was ‘abstracting electricity’ which in England can get one imprisoned for five years. Apparently the sockets in the train were not for public use but are only supposed to be used by cleaners.