10 Weird World Championships You Can Participate in


10 Weird World Championships You Can Participate in

The ‘’World Conker Championship’’ started in 1965 in the Ashton village, Northamptonshire. As with most strange contests, this one was also conceived in a pub after bad weather spoiled the regulars attempt to organise a fishing expedition. The suggestion that they play conkers instead was taken up with drunken enthusiasm and eventually became an annual event.10 Weird World Championships You Can Participate in

Every year, world sport championships allow people to showcase their skills and expertise at various sporting events. Only the most talented and competent win the crown. But what about those who have no interest in sport yet wish to participate in some kind of championship anyways? Well, we’ve got them covered too! Below we have compiled a list of ten weird world championships that you can participate in, and perhaps even win, without so much as breaking a sweat.


13Hide-And-Seek World Championship

Weird World Championships

Every year an abandoned Italian village nestled in the foothills of the Alps becomes a popular playground for fun-loving adults. The village is called Consonno and it is there that the Hide-And-Seek World Championship takes place.

The Hide-And-Seek World Championship was first held in 2010 in Bergamo, only then it was named far more humbly – ‘’Nascondino (hide and seek) Championship.’’ With time, the name of the championship was updated, as was the location.

The rules of the game are simple. Teams are divided into four groups, with one member from each group hiding while a ‘’neutral searching team’’ counts to sixty seconds. The participants then have ten minutes to jump out of their hiding spot and hit a target in the middle of the playing field, all the while avoiding being found or caught by the searching team.

And while this game does seem vaguely reminiscent of a scene from a horror movie, imagine your pride at being the world champion of hide and seek. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?