4 ways to have the best quickie ever


Quickies are made for thrills and the spontaneous nature of it is just what makes it even more interesting. Here are tips to make it better.

This is one of the best kind of $ex ever. It just happens, most times, they’re not planned in fact generally it isn’t planned. If it was planned, then it is no longer a quickie. The impromptu nature of the $ex makes it more interesting. Its right to admit that not everyone will get satisfied, but it’s all still very good.
The goal for quickie is to get your freak on as quick as possible, usually foreplay goes out of the window due to the short time frame, almost no time, hence the name quickie, reports Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, Men’s Health.
Here are four ways that can make quickie $ex super exciting

1. Speak to her
not much talk, not so much foreplay as well. Sometimes, dirty talk can make it go even better. You don’t have that much time for anything else apart from the $ex, so if you can deploy your mouth to some dirty stimulating talk, letting her know how much you want her.
“There’s nothing $exier for a woman—or a man, really—than feeling craved and deeply wanted,” Reveals Tracy Thomas, a relationship expert and psychologist. “The quickest way to make her feel this way is to tell her how much you want her and how much she turns you on.” Thomas adds.

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2. Pick the moment
By now, you know quickies are spontaneous, you both give yourself that “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and then you run off and do the ‘do’. Like you know about life, there is never a perfect time.
So, just live in the moment and enjoy it. You don’t have to do it with all your clothes off, some of them can be off, and maybe in a location that gives you more thrill.

3. Don’t worry about the orgasm
This was already mentioned earlier in the article. Orgasm can come in for sure, but if they don’t come in, it’s not a bad experience. “What makes a quickie satisfying is being able to take time away from life’s responsibilities to share a fun, $exy experience with your partner,” Jane Greer, relationship and $ex expert explains.
“It’s not really about orgasm for either party.” Focusing so much on her orgasm during quickie can lead to pressure which may ruin the entire thing.

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4. Switch it up
Because it doesn’t take up regular time like traditional $ex doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. If you’re with someone who orgasms using your fingers, then do that to get her to climax. The idea is to have fun with your partner and keep it going for a while before it all expires. “The idea is to have fun spontaneously, and keep the energy flowing,” Greer clarifies. “Any variation of $exual activity is good for a quickie!”