5 ways to have great $ex when you’re tired or just lazy


These tips are for times that you don’t want to have the energy filled plowing experience with your partner. Just something good in a low-key way.
While the fire and brimstone $ex is very good, there are times that you just don’t want any of their, you just want to have $ex, and feel the divine sensation of being $exually satisfied. Not need for any of the acrobatic positions or the wake the neighbors up screams.
That can happen too, it’s not every time that you’re in a big hurray mood, you just want something quick effective then move on with the rest of your life sort of thing. You just want something low-key and effective. As Gloria Brame, Ph.D, a $exologist describes it, “What feels low-key to you is still enough to satisfy your libido and give your brain a happy, positive buzz”.
“I strongly advocate for more affection, cuddling, making out, and not feeling pressured into thinking ‘$ex means penetration,'” Brame adds.
Below are some tips for you during this low period, writes Brittany Smith, Men’s Health.
1. Use your hands
Fooling around is one of the best ways to do this. Remember back then we used to touch each other a lot. Kiss, touch, do all those young love sort of things.
Brame advises “Learn to give each other simultaneous pleasure just using your hands,” Fondling eachother during your lazy times are good for the lazy hook-ups Brame proposes “Face each other so you can kiss her and play with her nipples as you both use your hands to masturbate each other to orgasm,” She says”You get all the benefits of intimacy (the powerful brain chemistry, the bonding, the closeness) without any exhaustive effort,”

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2. Involve the pillows
You know pillows can help you during $ex. If you’re the kind of person that loves to liter the bed with pillows, they can come in during this period. Propping yourself with them is a good way to enjoy $ex. “When you’re on top, place pillows under her butt to elevate her hips to an ideal angle for penetration, and put ones under your knees so you can more easily plunge inside her without having to arch your back as much,” Brame advises.
The pillows can help take away the strain off the back. Hence why your plenty pillows have come in

3. How about a massage
Massages are one way to relax your body and calm your nerves. Use oil to rub your partner’s body. Stroke the muscles and knead them gently. “A full-body massage can be the key to getting her relaxed and interested in $exual contact after a long, tiring day,” Brame states. You can start from her feet, and go up from there.
This massage will hopefully end elsewhere as in $ex.

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4. Use your mouth
Oral $ex is one thing you can do when you’re tired. Bet you’re wondering how oral $ex isn’t hard work, and we’re talking about lazy $ex tips. Here is how it isn’t. When you get to a level high enough in oral $ex, you’ll realise that your positioning is the problem, the areas that use well are your head and tongue. If you can learn to use them well, then it’s not that much difficult.
Brame opines “Try kneeling on the floor, but don’t forget to add pillows and blankets to keep you comfortable,” She says “To avoid straining your neck, rest your cheek on her upper thigh,” You can also take turns with the oral $ex, thrash that 69 idea.

5. Start from the couch
Not all $ex should start from bedroom, sometimes, the chill on the couch can be the place for it to begin. It is also a good place for low-key $ex. Unless you’ve got a king-size sofa, they are usually narrow.
Brame preaches “Sofa $ex is best for low-key $ex rather than penetration because most sofas are a little narrow or short for two full-size adults to fit comfortably—unless one is on top of the other one,”. A lot of things can be started from the couch that can lead to all sorts of places.