65-year-old Man Caught Pants Down Having Fun with a Dog in an Uncompleted Building

Police were called to a deserted house after the owner of a dog reported that a man had r*ped her pet after catching a 65-year-old man completely n*ked with the Thai breed of dog.

furious pet owner called police after catching a pensioner having s*x with her dog
56-year-old pet owner, Bang-orn Phumkaew, reportedly called the police after catching a pensioner having s*x with her 7-year-old dog, Jao Jut, saying that she became suspicious after the dog would regularly wander off to a deserted building in Chonburi, Thailand.
According to a report by The Sun UK, the woman said that each time Jao Jut, a male dog, left “wagging his tail”, a 65-year-old local man named simply identified as Chen would also enter the building.
Bang-orn and her son finally went to investigate after hearing bizarre groans coming from the empty house 50 metres from their own, and they were horrified when they looked through a window and saw Chen, having s*x with Jao Jut, a white and brown Thai cross-breed mongrel.
Bizarrely, they partly blamed the dog for willingly going to meet the abuser and asked police only to warn Chen.
The furious woman who said her mutt liked the man and compared it to a relationship, said: “I heard the dog was crying inside the house. He’s seven or eight years old and he’s male.
“The man we caught had taken off his shirt and pants. He had s*x with dog from behind. We wanted to find the camera to take a video as evidence but it was dark, we could not take a video.”
She added: “This happened many times already. A woman has told us that she saw him doing it with the dog near a banana tree.
“We told the police but I don’t want anything bad to happen to the man because we think he is not 100 per cent in the head, and our dog likes him.
“You see, he wants to go and see him. The dog runs to follow him so we cannot say something too bad to the man, because the dog is together with him like a relationship.”
Chen was confronted by officers who wanted him to stop making love to the dog. The man who admitted having s*x with a dog was found in the Sattahip district of Chonburi province, Thailand.
“Officers did not arrest Mr Chen. The owner did not want him to be arrested. We told him that if there was another degrading incident he would be arrested and charged,” the police report on the incident from the Sattahip Police Station stated

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