Amsterdam mayor opens brothel for $ex workers to improve working conditions



Amsterdam mayor, Eberhard van der Laan has opened a new brothel run by $ex workers in the city’s red light district to improve working conditions. According to the city officials, the four buildings brothel dubbed the ‘Municipal brothel’ is part of a long-standing plan by $ex workers and city officials to improve working conditions for $ex workers and rid the country’s $ex industry of organized crime, allowing $ex workers to work independently without having to seed their earnings to unscrupulous pimps. The Dutch hoped that by improving the working conditions for the $ex workers it would help in creating a clean $ex industry, in which they could earn money without having to pay pimps. Prostitution in Netherlands has been made legal since 2000, as far as the owners of $ex-selling establishments have their licenses they are free to run a brothel for $ex workers in any state of the country.

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