Behind closed door


I was wearing my favourite fk-me Prada heels, with stilettos so thin and sharp that they could be used as weapons.
Adeniyi McCarthy was messing with the wrong woman.
I shook my head with a smirk as I saw another email from him asking that I come to his office for a quick debriefing on the transaction I was working on for him. He had sent similar emails over the past week and I had replied with what was required; there had been no need for me to go to his office as these were simple enough clarifications.
“Dear Mr. McCarthy,
All we need from you now are your financial statements and business plan. Kindly inform someone from your office to send this, maybe your CFO or accountant? Once received, we will look through and get back to you with a rough draft of our projections.
Amara Nnechi
Senior Finance Analyst”
“Dear Miss Nnechi,
I am well aware of this fact and the requested documents will be sent to you forthwith. However, I need to discuss some affairs with you. Affairs that are too important to be sent via email. Kindly make time for me in your extremely busy schedule. If this proves too difficult, then I can request for some time off for you from Denise?
I look forward to your prompt response.
Managing Director”
I gasped! The cheek of him! How dare he? So because things were not going his way, he was going to get Denise involved?? What a fkwit. If he thought he would be getting any pus$y from me then he had another thing coming.

“Dear Mr. McCarthy,
I will be coming with two other members of the team. I understand the importance of the information you will be sharing, however our whole team will be working on your expansion, hence the need for lack of secrecy amongst us.
Expect us at your office tomorrow, 1pm.
Many thanks.
Amara Nnechi
Senior Finance Analyst”
As the lift took me and the promised two team members up to Mr. McCarthy’s office, I looked at my reflection in its mirror critically. My dress was sleeveless and high necked but stopped an inch or two above my knees. I was wearing my favourite fk-me Prada heels, with stilettos so thin and sharp that they could be used as weapons. I had my Hobbs jacket in the crook of my elbow and my braids in a tight bun. My lips were painted a deep, dark red making them look almost purple. Lastly, my eyes were lined with dark kohl and my brows beat to perfection.

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I was ready to face Mr. McCarthy.
A tiny ping signaled the end of the lift’s journey and we alighted then walked to the receptionist waiting patiently to lead us into his office. She knocked softly then opened the door before stepping back so that we could walk in. His office was gigantic! The floor to ceiling mirror wall showed the disjointed skyscraper to low roofs of Victoria Island. His oval desk was by this wall, far far away so it seemed we were walking to our doom as we made our way to the chairs facing his at the other end of the desk.
‘Miss Nnechi. And colleagues. Welcome to my office. Do sit down.’
We smiled at his jovial greeting and sat. I leaned back and crossed my legs slowly, a smile brushing my lips as his eyes darted to my thighs then away just as quickly.
‘Would you like anything to drink or eat? Halima?’ He asked us as he waved his receptionist closer. We all shook our heads with a murmured, ‘No thanks.’ The receptionist gave a quick head tilt then glided away, shutting the door behind her quietly.
He smiled and nodded before sitting down then steepling his hands underneath his strong jaw. ‘Let’s proceed, then.’
Thirty minutes into our discussion, I could see that I was right. There had been no need whatsoever for us to come down to his office. All that he requested or showed us were things that could easily have been emailed or couriered over. I smirked at his rigmarole and he caught my smirk.

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‘Anything amusing, Miss Nnechi?’
‘Not at all, sir. Merely making notes in my head.’ I replied just as smoothly.
His eyes lingered on my face then slipped to my chest before looking away.
Soon the meeting came to an end and we all stood up to shake hands.

As we walked to the door, he called out from behind his desk, ‘oh, Miss Nnechi. I would like to discuss something privately with you pertaining to this work.’
‘Oh sir, anything you say can be said in front of…’ I started with a faux-innocent look but he cut me off firmly.

‘I’m not disputing that. However, I’d prefer to discuss it with you privately and if you choose to share with others then any repercussions will be on your head alone. Discretionary, Miss Nnechi. Call it an oral disclaimer.’

I turned to look at my colleagues, one an intern and the other a graduate analyst. ‘That’s fine.’ I nodded to them. ‘Give me about 30 minutes to wrap up here. Maybe go for lunch? I will call once we’re done.’
They nodded quickly and left.

As soon as the door closed, I turned back to him and leaned ever so slowly against the door with my legs crossed.

‘What could you possibly tell me that you don’t want the others to hear? I’m assuming it’s not work-related?’
He stood up and walked round to lean against the desk, facing me in a casual pose. ‘You assume correctly, Amara. May I call you Amara?’ Before I could reply, he continued. ‘We have unfinished business, you and I.’
‘Do we now? Whatever could you mean?’ I asked coyly.

He chuckled and shook his head. ‘I knew all that shy girl routine you were doing was an act. You have this…knowing look in your eyes.’
‘And I knew all that suave bachelor act was a routine. You have this…shiny gold band on your finger.’ I retorted with an arched eyebrow.
He burst out laughing at this. ‘Touché, my dear. Touché.’ He crossed his arms now. ‘The thing is, I can’t stop thinking about your pus$y. The thought of your pus$y…so moist. So warm. So sweet. I need to feel it again. I need to know that it wasn’t a fluke. That pussies like yours still exist.’
It was my turn to laugh. ‘Oh, Adeniyi. I believe I’ll call you Adeniyi. I have to be back in my office in the next 45 minutes and there is No way I’m going to be late when I have deliverables, all because you want to satisfy your urge to fk me.’
‘Who said anything about fking?’ He began to walk towards me.
‘I don’t want to fk you now. It’ll be too rushed. When it does happen, and it will. I intend to luxuriate in your wet cunt for hours. No, my darling Amara. What I want to do is eat you out. And I assure you that I won’t need more than 10 minutes to have you moaning my name against my palm.’
My pus$y released a tiny spurt of juice at this.
Then I licked my lips and beckoned him closer with one finger.