You can now get a swimsuit adorned with Donald Trump’s startled face


We all desperately want to cover ourselves with the essence of President Donald Trump, right?

That seems to be the general consensus. That’s why you see people going through surgery to make their hands smaller, slathering themselves in fake tan, and styling their hair into a snazzy combover.

Trump is so popular, widely respected and loved that anything with his name or face on it is something people desperately want in their lives and on their bodies.

So it makes sense, then, that Beloved Shirts – the same people who brought us the equally delightful hairy chest swimsuit – have created a swimming costume with Donald Trump’s face printed on the front.

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You can now get a swimsuit adorned with Donald Trump's startled face

What could be more desirable than having Donald Trump’s raised eyebrows hovering above your nips?

What could be more stylish than the appearance of double chins making their way down your pubic bone?

His nose is on your ribcage. His mouth is on your belly button.

You can now get a swimsuit adorned with Donald Trump's startled face


This isn’t horrifying at all, right? No one here is disturbed or quietly shaking their head and asking how we reached this point, correct?

We’re all just having a load of very stylish fun in the sun, with the president of the United States printed across our bodies.

Everything’s totally fine.

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If you fancy getting your hands on this swimsuit, and this swimsuit on your body, you can buy it for the bargain price of $49.95 (£38.99).

If the notion of having Donald Trump anywhere near your body makes you queasy, you can always go for the Kim Jong Un sweatshirt instead. Lovely.