This couple live tracked Thursday’s election results using pom poms


The election was a thing that happened.

But cast aside your ongoing comedown from Thursday night and funny feelings about the DUP to focus on something a lot more fun – the election results in pom pom form.

Made up of different colours representing the different parties, it’s a map accurately resembling constituencies’ political choices, but fluffy.

The brainchild of Ed Peacock from Cardiff and his wife, Charlotte, the Pompom Election involved designing a map of the UK, indexing every constituency by hand and then making enough pompoms for any electoral outcome.

The plan was to then sew on a pompom for each constituency as the results came in.

‘We only came up with the idea a week before the election,’ Ed told

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General election polls in sewing

‘So we had the help of strangers on Twitter and friends and family making up pompoms for each party colour.’

The idea started off as stitching the polls in the lead-up to the election – partly inspired by fellow sewing enthusiast Tom Katsumi who cross-stitched the general election results on Twitter back in 2015.

Pompom election

Until Ed and his wife Charlotte who runs Twinmade, a creative workshop in Cardiff, were inspired to take it all a step further after having ‘a lot of sherry’ while out for a meal:

‘The original plan was to do a cross-stitched live election update, like Tom did in 2015,’ Ed explained.

‘But he told me it was surprisingly difficult – so we decided to do something even more complicated for fun.’

Since the board wouldn’t physically fit in their house, they headed to local bar NosDa who kindly hosted them for the whole night.

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So technically, could we have spent Thursday night gazing at pompoms instead of sixth formers running around with boxes in Aylesbury?

Maybe we needed more red Pom poms 👍👍👍 #GE2017 @SirSandGoblin— Gareth Mabey (@gmabey) June 8, 2017

Not quite: ‘On election night we got too excited about the results and were too drunk to carry on by about 4am,’ Ed admitted.

‘So we finished it over the weekend instead.’