Couple Spotted on CCTV Having fun on Boat During Robbery (Video)


storyA man and his woman have been spotted on a CCTV footage having s*x on a boat while on a mission to rob.

When checking your CCTV after a robbery, two people having s*x on your bed is probably the last thing you expect to see.
However, according to Metro UK, that’s exactly what Will Coe from Cairns in Australia, saw when he rewound footage after finding an expensive battery charger was missing from his boat.
Scanning the video, Coe watched as two people entered his vessel, went downstairs, and started stripping off.
The couple could be seen having s*x through a window above the cabin.
After they were finished, they allegedly ransacked the boat for anything valuable and fled.
Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Mr Coe said: ‘I think I’ll have to throw out the mattress. I don’t think I can keep it any more.
‘At first I was p***ed off, but it is pretty bloody hilarious at the same time.
‘It’s a bit hard to look forward to spending a night out on the reef now after seeing what they’ve done inside.’
Mr Coe, who purchased the boat last year, is now appealing for help to track down the passionate pair.
Police forensic units have examined the boat and opened and investigation.
Watch the video below:

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