Curvy Ghanaian Actress, Moesha Boduong Goes Braless in Sultry Photos


Moesha Boduong has caused a storm on her Instagram page with a flagrant parade of her luscious pumpkins on social media in a very revealing dress.


Ghanaian actress, and social butterfly, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong understands vividly how the social media system in Africa works and she is running the system perfectly in her favour.
Her latest pictures where she posed braless as well as flaunting her massive butt has got people talking about her again. She has been described as one of the hottest and influential actresses in Ghana with endorsements to her name.
The controversial celebrity once revealed she lost her virginity at the age of 21. Moesha made the revelation on the Delay Show where she suggested that she broke her virgnity when she started dating after Senior High School.
According to her, she had her first s*xual encounter at age 21 and broke up with the guy later in her third year in the university.
Moesha, who is known for posting adult pictures of herself on social media,  noted that in her third year in the University of Ghana, she decided to break up with her boyfriend when she realized she had needs that needed to be met;  but couldn’t be met by her boyfriend at the time.
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