Dear Undergraduate Is school making you sad? You’re not alone


It’s only for a while. Never ever forget this.

This is one sad woman

They said school has the best years of your life. From where you’re standing, it looks like they were wrong.

If you’re a  student, you have like a 1000 reasons to be sad. There’s probably no light. You’re probably not enjoying the course you’re studying. You’re probably tired of this country. You know people doing better than you because they have better opportunities and it can be quite frustrating in all honesty.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the fact that you might be going through some form of pressure from home. They want you to get very good grades because you know, they invested heavily in you.

And all of this is too much for you. Hang on. Hang on. You’re not alone. The struggles might not be exactly like yours, but many people are going through some form of struggle with this, and here are a few things you can do.

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Maybe this toughness will make you stronger.

So lets pretend you’re a mirror, covered in dust in a store in your house. You’ve never not been covered in dust, so you never truly remember what it’s like to not be covered in dust.

One day, someone comes along, drags you out of the store. Presses hard against your face with a wet cloth. Wiping, wiping, so much so you can feel the friction burning.

Then moments later, you realise you were actually getting polished, and the friction has made you come out shiny. Maybe, just maybe you should try to look at the bright side. I hope you find one.

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There are no hacks to this thing.

The only advice, really, is that you hold on, hang in there. Because after all is said and done, guess who gets the certificate, you.

Now, whether you get to even use it at all is talk for another day.

I hope you’re alright. You can holler at me if you need to talk. Or anyone here at Pulse. You’d be surprised at how much people here will gladly want to listen.