Donald Trump’s state visit could be scrapped after Queen’s Speech snub


Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain is thought to have been cancelled after it was not mentioned in the Queen’s Speech.

Her majesty’s address to parliament traditionally includes a mention of upcoming state visits to Britain.

The Queen said she is looking forward to meeting the King and Queen of Spain, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, when they come to London in July – but made no mention of the US president.

As the government’s programme for the next two years is usually set out in the Queen’s Speech, it is believed the state visit will not take place in that time, at least.

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Political commentators are claiming that the omission of Trump’s visit in the speech means the controversial trip has been called off entirely.

Donald Trump's state visit could be scrapped after Queen's Speech snub
The Queen said she will be meeting Spain’s monarch (Picture: PA)

The government previously said there had been no change of plans for Trump’s visit, but a date has never been set.

Trump was invited by Theresa May when the prime minister met Trump at the White House in February.


His election as president has caused a huge backlash in Britain, with 1.8 million people signing a petition calling on the government to block a state visit.

And Trump himself is believed to be aware of how unpopular he is on the other side of the Atlantic.

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The president reportedly told Mrs May that he will not go through with the visit if large protests take place as a result.