Drama as Woman Exposes Her HIV Status in Church During Testimony…You Won’t Believe What Her Husband Did


A woman who thought it wise to give testimony in church about her HIV status has fallen out horribly with her husband at home.

Catherine Moyo, a young Zimbabwean woman from Lower Gweru got her husband enraged when she shared a testimony in church about her HIV status.
The woman’s breakthrough was turned into sorrow and village gossip after she was beaten up by her husband for testifying in church about their HIV status.
According to B-Metro, it was gathered that Catherine Moyo testified at Johanne Masowe church in Lower Gweru that she got a vision to stop taking her antiretroviral drugs (ARV) following nine days of fasting and praying.
As she could not wait to share the news with her fellow church members, little did she know what awaited her at home.
Moyo had gone for nine days fasting and praying, and she stood up to testify the vision she got concerning her health situation.
After the service people began to question the vision with some claiming that she had gone mad, and the news spread like a wildfire to her husband who heard people discussing his status at the bar. This angered him and he then confronted his wife about the news he had been hearing at the bar.
One of the church members who preferred anonymity told B-Metro that Catherine stood up after the service when prophet had asked if there were people with testimonies.
“Mrs Moyo stood up in church to thank God for the vision she got during the nine days of prayer and fasting, and testified that she had been taking ARVs for five years and finally she got a vision while she was praying to stop taking them. The testimony left half of the church in stitches, with some suggesting that she needed counselling,” said the source. The husband told B-metro that he was angry after hearing certain labels from his friends in the bar.
“I was shocked, embarrassed at the same time angry hearing people talking about my status and what angered me the most is that she did not share her vision with me. I had to hear it from people at the bar. People could not take their eyes off me on my way home, everyone was staring at me like I was n*ked. When I tried to talk to my wife she did not see anything wrong with that and I was angry. I regret beating my wife as it created another story for people to gossip about,” said the husband. Catherine said she was shocked why her husband hit her over a vision that had good news for them.
“I still don’t get it why he had to beat me up, people will always be people. You will find that half of those who were laughing at him are also taking these pills. It was a vision and he could not understand it because he doesn’t go to church. This could be a miracle for us,” said Catherine.


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