Ejaculating 21 times a month could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, suggests research


That’s not us being overly invested in your $ex life, to be clear. We’re just concerned about your health.

You see, there’s a study making the rounds that suggests that regular ejaculation could protect men from prostate cancer – that’s important, considering prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers for men.
This isn’t the first bit of research to suggest this.
Back in 2015 a study suggested that men should aim for 21 orgasms a month to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, while a study in 2016 backed up the claims.


So this particular study isn’t telling us much new stuff, just a suggestion that bears repeating: ejaculate plenty, it’s good for you.
The research, published in European Urology, adds a decade of additional research to former studies, all to back up the claim that having plenty of orgasms (21 per month, to be exact) can lower the risk of prostate cancer.
Researchers surveyed almost 32,000 men on their number of orgasms, and tracked which men developed prostate cancer over the course of decades.
They found that there’s a strong link between ejaculation frequency and the likelihood of developing prostate cancer, with those who ejaculated more frequently found to be less likely to develop prostate cancer.

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The optimum frequency of jizzing was 21 times a month or more.
That’s 252 orgasms per year, if you feel like keeping a tally chart, which means you’ll need to cum most days.
‘These findings provide additional evidence of a beneficial role of more frequent ejaculation throughout adult life in the etiology of PCa, particularly for low-risk disease,’ concludes the study.
‘We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.’

It’s not clear entirely why splooging reduces the risk of prostate cancer, but hey, it’s worth trying. The method is a lot more enjoyable than eating healthily and avoiding tight underwear.

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But, just a note: this study does not mean you should go forth and badger your partner for more $ex. They are not responsible for the frequency of your ejaculations.
If you find yourself falling behind the optimum number, please do rely on your right hand man* to get the job done.
*By which we obviously mean your right hand. Left hand if you’re feeling frisky.