My encounter with Nonye’s magnificent ass [Part 3]

Edy joined mic on a double date and it was quite interesting that led to where Edy didn't think it would but Nonye's situation is complicated


It was a few weeks before Nonye and I hooked up again. She called me at home and asked if we could meet for a drink. I suggested a place that was never busy during the week where we would not know anyone there.

She had not eaten dinner so I suggested that we grab a nosh and a drink together.
Nonye and I sat side by side at a bar table facing the bar. The barman was engrossed in the TV watching a football game and getting caught up on all the scores. As we ate our burgers and sipped our drinks, I ran my hands over Nonye’s thighs.

She was wearing tights under her dress but no panties. I slid my hand between Nonye’s thighs and covered her pus$y.

I rubbed her pus$y through the spandex material and her pus$y got wet. We finished our food then left the bar. When we got out to the parking lot I asked Nonye if I could to sit in her car for a while.

“You better believe it, as worked up as you got me in there you better take care of me,” she replied excitedly.

We got in the back seat of her Honda Accord and I immediately peeled off her tights. I lowered my trousers and boxers to my knees and the two of us played with each other for several minutes. Her car had tinted rear windows so it was impossible for anyone outside the car to see in the back seat.

There was something very erotic about being partially clothed but still having access to each other. She had her legs spread wide as I fingered her pus$y and pushed her pus$y juice into her as$. She stroked my d!ck with her hand as I prepared her for another as$ fk.

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“fk my pus$y first and then I want you to cum in my as$,” she whispered excitedly.
I guided her onto my d!ck so that she could ride me until she came. She moaned as my d!ck filled her pus$y and she took it slowly. Once I was in her she bounced up and down on my cock. I fondled her breasts through her dress and then moved my hands to hold her shapely as$.

It didn’t take long for her to cum and she drenched my d!ck with her love juice.
She moved off me and I went to work on her as$. I never knew anyone like Nonye who could get so wet. My fingers wet, within minutes I had her as$hole coated with the lube I kept in my pocket just in case. I positioned Nonye so that she was kneeling down on the back seat and I knelt behind her.

I put my d!ck in her pus$y and let it soak in her juices before I lined it up with her as$.
Once again Nonye reminded me, “Not too deep at first and then deeper.”

I eased my cock into her as$hole as she maneuvered her body to accommodate the anal penetration. She had her head down on the car seat turned to one side and I watched her face grimace slightly as my d!ck made its way into her as$. She moaned and groaned as I slowly fked her going a little deeper in her as$ with each thrust.

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Once I was all the way in, I picked up the pace and fked her until I flooded her as$ with my cum. She had her fingers buried in her twat and she brought herself off again as I ploughed her as$. When my hips stopped moving she milked my d!ck with her sphincter muscle and then her hips gyrated as her own orgasm overtook her. I had to hold her tightly to keep my d!ck in her as$ as her hips jerked out of control.
My d!ck softened and I eased it out of her as$. I knelt there looking at her recently violated as$hole and watched as my semen trickled out of her rectum. She remained still for a few minutes with her mini dress thrown up over her back and her as$ on display.
I had some paper napkins in the car and she used them to wipe the semen from her as$ before she sat down on the car seat.
Nonye did not bother putting on her tights when I pulled up my pants. I opened the car door and we got out of the back seat. She said that she was glad that we could hook up and that she would see me later, then she said goodnight and made her drove off.
After she left the parking lot, I went home in a very satisfied state.
It was at least another week before she called and we met up again. It was a repeat performance with me stripping off her tights in the back seat of her car, lubricating her as$ with her own juices and fking her tight as$. It was exciting for me to strip off her tights and fondle her legs, pus$y and as$.
Nonye seemed to like being without her panties and tights in the back seat of her car. I took my time with her, fingering her pus$y and as$ driving her crazy, until she finally begged me to fk her in the as$.