Grace The House Girl Takes Chidi’s Virginity


Chidi is Oga Danny’s brother from the village who Grace the housegirl wants to sleep with after the hook-up with the lesbians at Sarah’s house.

“Ermmm my madam go dey look for me by now” Grace said wearing her clothes and gathering her bag
“Gracie it’s still early” Sarah pouted
“I get work for house” She replied.
She had been bold enough to indulge with Sarah, but Sarah and her friend was just too much crazy for her, she got dressed and walked out with Sarah and her friend trying to convince her to stay, they both attended the same school which left her wondering if all the girls from that school did only girls.
They got to the junction and got her a tricycle heading to her area, she spent the trip wondering what could have happened if she stayed, would they take turns kissing and touching each other and if Sarah’s friend boobs were round and perky, they were definitely bigger than Sarah’s, she realized she was rubbing her thighs together as she thought about them, she looked around to make sure no one was looking; she would continue when she got home.
“Aunty welcome” A voice greeted her as she entered the compound
She turned to see it was Chidi, he is Oga Danny’s cousin from the village, he usually comes for a short period of time, he always calls Grace Aunty even though they are almost the same age.
“Ahh Chidi! You don come again” She said
She looked him over, he had gotten quite bigger than the last time she saw him, she made to walk past him when they grazed against each other, he apologised and left, walking to their room she was sure she felt a bulge, she imagined what it would look like and even better what it would feel like inside her, the thought of Chidi and his shyness slamming hard inside her was making her horny, she looked at the wall clock and saw she still had about two hours before the children would return from school.
“Chidi! Chidi!” She called him from over the street.
He walked over towards her, “Yes Aunty” he said.
“Abeg come help me with something inside” she said.
He followed her inside and when he was in the room she closed the door, he looked at her puzzled and she walked towards him, she stood close to him with her boobs pressed against his chest.
“You like me?” she asked. “Eh eh!  Yes aunty!” he stammered
She kissed him and he kissed her back a little, she pressed herself harder into him and kissed him deeper, he broke away from her.
“Er I nova do am before” he stammered staring at the floor. “No worry I go teach you” she said.
She took his hand and brought it up to her boobs, she squeezed  gently and he got it, he squeezed gently at first then hard, she moved close to him and kissed him, she reached down and grabbed his crotch, she felt his dick and it felt bigger than she imagined; she couldn’t wait  to see it.
She pulled down his short and his worn out boxers, his dick was quite big, she stroked it and quickly went down on her knees, before he could ask what was happening she covered his dick with her mouth making him gasp and shudder. She moved up and down slobbering all over his dick, soon he was moving in and out of her mouth slightly, he shot load after load of cum down her throat, his dick was almost soft when she started to move up and down again.
They were just getting started; she needed that meaty dick in her after her adventure with the girls, when she was satisfied with how hard he was she made him sit down, she took off her pant, pulled her gown up and straddled him, she took his dick in her hand and lead it to her opening, she sat on him slowly, taking it in little by little till he was completely buried inside of her, she started to move up and down slowly loving how his throbbing big dick filled her up, she grinded on his dick moaning out.
She picked up pace and started to move up and down faster, she took his hands and placed them on her boobs, he squeezed and she bounced up and down his dick more frantically, she moaning louder
“Ah ah ah! Yes oh Chiidiiiii” she moaned
She could feel the familiar sensation begin to build up inside her she moved faster and faster, grinding erratically, she came hard resting on his chest.
She stood up and wore her pant and he wore his boxer and shorts
“Thank you aunty” he said shyly
She smiled to herself thinking of all the things she would teach him.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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