Grace takes on Oga Danny & Chidi


Every space of time that Grace finds between taking care of her aunt’s kids and her apprenticeship is spent having $ex with Chidi until Oga Danny found out.
“Ebube dike ehh ebube” Grace kept humming as she did her chores, she was really happy to have a two day free pass, her madam at the shop was travelling for her sister’s introductory ceremony.
She swept the floor cheerfully and dusted the furniture while singing, a free day meant more time to enjoy Chidi’s big d!ck, she couldn’t wait to finish her chores and ride his d!ck till he can’t take any more, she pictured how he moans and calls her aunty, it was making her very horny.
As soon as she was done dusting, she headed out to Oga Danny’s shop, she met Chidi trying to agree on a price for a DVD player with a customer
“Oga last price na 2500, na very original one” He said turning the player around.
The customer finally agreed and paid for the DVD player, Chidi was smiling like he just won the lottery as he put the money into the drawer.
He walked towards her and smiled sheepishly at her, she stood up and told him to not to waste any time, she left feeling excited and sat outside to wait for him, he showed up in less than two minutes and went to open the door as soon as they got in she covered his mouth with hers.
She pushed herself into him and kissed him deeper, soon she was getting out of her clothes and he did the same, he reached out and grabbed her boobs, she pushed his head down slightly and he brought his mouth to her nipples, he sucked gently, his mouth making slurping sounds, she reached and stroked his d!ck, he slipped his hand down and started to rub her clit like she taught him.
It felt good but she wanted his d!ck inside of her, she pulled away, turned around and bent over, she parted her ass cheeks with her hands presenting her pink goodies to him, he came behind her and pushed his d!ck into her pus$y slowly just like she taught him, grabbing her ass with both hands he began to move slamming into her slowly.
She started to push her ass into him urging him to move faster which he did, he slammed into her faster and plunged deeper into her pus$y, she reached down and rubbed her clit as he moved in and out her pus$y, their skin was making slap sounds as he fked her faster, she frantically moved faster against him as she felt herself build up, just then there was a knock on the door.
He practically pushed her off him as he heard Oga Danny’s voice, they frantically dressed up as he opened the door for him, he walked in and stared hard at Chidi then his gaze fell on Grace.
“Na my house una dey do bad thing for abi” He questioned them
“So you come leave my shop on top woman matter” He glared at Chidi
“Brother sorry” Chidi apologised
“Make your madam come back first” He turned to Grace
She opened her mouth to apologise but nothing came out, Oga Danny kept ranting while she was lost in her thoughts till he said something that brought her mind back
“In fact make una continue wetin una bin dey do” He said sitting down.
She thought he was joking till he made more threats and Chidi was looking at her almost with tears in his eyes, she felt bad for him after all she got him into this mess, she took off her clothes and assumed her previous position.
Chidi hesitated for a while before he came behind her and pushed his d!ck into her, he started to move a little too slowly and she backed her ass into him, he picked up pace and soon she was meeting his thrust with her ass, he grabbed her ask and slammed into her faster making her moan out loudly.
He kept fking her faster and the fact they were being watched was making it even hotter, she pushed back into him faster as her orgasm got closer, she rubbed her clit fast and he plunged in deeper, she let go and came all over his d!ck with her pus$y gripping his d!ck.
He kept moving in and out as she heard Oga Danny’s zipper open and he came to stand in front of her, he lifted her chin
“Bad girl like you eh” he said
He brought his d!ck to her mouth and pushed it in till she gagged then he started to move, she reached out and held his waist for balance as Chidi was slamming harder into her while Oga Danny was fking her mouth
“Shay you wan pansh both of us, you go see today Oga Danny” said pushing deeper into her mouth.

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1Grace takes on Oga Danny & Chidi [Pt 2]

Every space of time that Grace finds between taking care of her aunt’s kids and her apprenticeship is spent having $ex with Chidi until Oga Danny found out. He pushed his d!ck deeper as he moved, she steadied herself and found a rhythm, she bopped her head up and down his d!ck, she reached and grabbed his balls squeezing gently making him moan
“Ahh Gracie” he moaned out grabbing her head
He pushed down making her gag a little, he was grunting as he moved faster, he held her head tighter as he poured cum down her throat, he pulled out of her mouth and stroked her face. Her jaw felt cramped up but as she watched Chidi stroke his big d!ck made her want him in her mouth.
Oga Danny came around her and made her flip over onto her back, he parted her legs and guided his d!ck to her puffy pus$y, he pushed in making her moan softly, he motioned to Chidi, he came over and squeezed her boobs gently and brought his mouth to her boobs as Oga Danny pounded into her, Chidi sucked flicking her nipples with his tongue like she taught him.
He held her legs and fked her harder, she tried to hold onto something as her orgasm ripped through her making her shake really hard all over, her juices kept gushing out coating his d!ck, he kept moving in and out with each movement making a sloshing sound, he stopped and pulled out with his d!ck still very hard, she felt tired with her pus$y throbbing, he helped up and they went into the room.
He made Chidi lie down and asked her to sit on him in a reverse cowgirl, she sat on his d!ck and flinched as his d!ck impaled her sore pus$y, when her pus$y had adjusted to him she started to move slowly, the position made him go deeper, she threw her head back and closed her eyes as she moved up and down his shaft slowly, she love how his d!ck filled her up
“Oh Chidi! Yes chidi! Hmmm!!” she moaned
Just as she was picking up pace she felt Oga Danny climb into bed, she opened her eyes and saw him guiding his d!ck towards her pus$y, before she could exclaim he pushed her down making her lie on Chidi’s chest, he pushed his d!ck into her pus$y with Chidi’s d!ck still in her
“Ewooooo” she screamed in pain
The feeling of both d!cks stretching her pus$y was almost too much to bear, she felt hot tears roll down her cheeks as the start to move slowly, she grabbed the bed sheet with her eyes closed, Oga danny reached and grabbed her boobs he started to move faster, soon the pain began to dissolve and it started to feel good, Chidi was moving faster too and she was screaming louder, they moved faster; she felt like she would faint and Oga Danny pulled out spilling cum all over her.
Chidi pushed deeper and came inside her the feeling of warm cum in her was her undoing as she came really hard biting her lips.
“Oya come and be going” Oga Danny said pulling his trouser up
She struggled to her feet with her body feeling like she’s been hit by a truck, her thighs felt hot with her pus$y swollen and throbbing, she put on her clothes wincing in pain, she went to their room and closed the door behind her, she let herself slump on the ground with her legs spread wide open, she closed her eyes and slept.
After two hours she woke up feeling her body arch, she dragged herself up and went to take a bath with half a bucket of water, she decided to boil yam for when the kids would return from school, they came back playing and thrashing the house, she tried to stop them but she was too tired, she went to sit outside as the room felt too stuffy, few minutes after she sat outside she felt a strong urge to throw and she ran to bathroom and throw up
“Jesus I don die” she exclaimed throwing her hands on her head
She’s seen so many home videos to know what it meant for a grown up girl to throw up out of the blue, she paced around and broke into tears, her madam would kill her and send her away, she pictured her madam yelling and asking who was responsible and that’s when it hit her; she doesn’t know who is, she cried harder sitting on the floor.
When she was worn out she washed her face and went to help the kids with their assignment to get her mind off things. Her madam came back an hour later and she welcomed he collecting her bags
“Thank you eh her madam” said yawning
“Ehen Grace after you should bring out the small mattress wey dey for room, your aunty dey come from village today” she said
Grace froze in her steps, just when she thought it could not get any worse her perceptive nosey aunty was coming over, her life is so over she thought fighting back tears.

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