My husband’s trap


I bit my lips so I would not moan out loud from my hiding place. My nipples were taut and my panties were wet watching my husband…
sam and I have been married for almost ten years, and sadly, we had let our $ex life fall through the crack.
It had been almost a year since we last got intimate, and before that time, there was an eight-month gap of no intimacy.
So, obviously, we were gradually drifting apart in this department. At times I wondered if he was unfaithful to me.
Sometimes, I caught myself looking through his phone, hoping to find something incriminating to justify my feelings. I did not find anything to make me think he was cheating.
But I still believed he was getting his $exual thrills outside, so I enlisted the help of grace.

grace and I were friends and colleagues for a couple of years now. I met her when I started at a new job two years ago. We talked and hung out a lot but she had never met my husband.
She was gorgeous and single and always up for some fun. So when I approached her with my idea, she was excited to begin.
The plan was that she would reach out to sam through social media and pretend to be interested in him. I was interested to see how it played out.
I was at her place when she added sam on Facebook. She shot him a message after he accepted her request and sam responded. They talked for a little bit, then sam asked for her phone number and she gave him hers.
When I looked through grace’s phone screen, I was surprised to see a phone number I did not recognise. Did sam have a secret phone?
That would make total sense considering that his phone was squeaky clean of implicating messages or calls.
For the next couple of weeks, grace chatted with my husband via BBM. Every day at work, grace would show me his messages. He expressed to her how beautiful he found her and how much he wanted her. He texted her a lot throughout the day.
grace later confessed to me that sam asked for a naughty picture of her and she obliged him. Frankly, I was madder at sam than I was at her.
I was furious at him for doing this when he had not paid any kind of romantic attention to me in years.
I was upset and I swore to make him pay. I knew that first, I needed to catch sam in the act. So grace and I hatched another plan.
She was supposed to schedule a date for them to meet at a hotel, but before he came around, she was supposed to book a room and I would hide in the wardrobe.
It was agreed that after he entered the room, I would wait until they were in a compromising position, then come out of hiding.
On the day this was supposed to happen, everything went according to plan. grace and I arrived at the room first and I was very well hidden. The closet door was slightly open so I could see enough to know what was going on.
grace soon opened the door to let sam in. sam looked handsome, I had to admit. He was wearing a dark blue shirt I guessed was new because I had never seen it before, and a pair of jeans.
As soon as he entered. He gave grace a peck on her cheek. He proceeded to sit on the bed and grace came to sit by him.
Soon, they were kissing. The kiss was passionate and intense. I don’t think sam had ever kissed me like that. I watched as he wrapped his hands passionately around her, then pulled her so she was sitting on his laps, facing him.
grace was either a great actress or she was really getting into it because she started to moan deeply as their body entwined. I stood rooted in the wardrobe as I watched them. ‘Why couldn’t I move?’
I had seen enough to be convinced and I can now ‘catch him in the act’. But the $exual tension in the room really intrigued me.
I watched grace kiss my husband and I licked my lips in response. He hiked up her skirt as the passion became even more intense.
My chest heaved as I breathed heavily, watching them. I did not even realise when my hands went underneath by blouse and I was grabbing my boobs as I watched my husband pleasure my friend.
Their kissing became even more intense. sam lifted grace off him and unzipped his jeans. He removed then to reveal his already hard cock. grace looked hesitant but curious.
She went on her knees and took his hardness in her mouth. She sucked that cock in a way that I had never sucked it before. She sucked with such enthusiasm that she was moaning herself.
I bit my lips so I would not moan out loud from my hiding place. My nipples had hardened and my panties were soaked watching my husband with this woman.
sam threw his head back and groaned as grace sucked his hard cock. She licked and slurped on the d!ck like a pro and sam was enjoying every minute of it.
My pain and disappointment and anger had been replaced by desire. I could not explain it but I really wanted this woman to fk my husband.
When grace had had enough of my husband’s cock, she stood up and turned her back to him.
She took off her dress and panties and while he was still seated, she bent down to get his throbbing hard d!ck inside her wet cunt.
As she did, she looked towards the closet where I was hiding and our eyes met. sam was so deep in the throes of passion that he noticed nothing. grace began bouncing up and down my husband’s cock as she looked at me. The way she was fking my man’s cock, and the look of pure enjoyment on her face turned me on.
I reached underneath my skirt and, unsurprised to see my pus$y was already dripping cunt juice, stuck a finger in. As grace fked my man, I fked myself.
Again and again, I jammed my finger up into myself, the harder she fked him. grace reached down to stroke her wet cunt as she fked my husband.
She stroked harder and harder and soon she was convulsing her pus$y juice all over my husband’s d!ck.
I gave a slight moan as I watched her cum, did the same to my own pus$y and soon, I was cumming right alongside her.
sam, so deep into my friend’s pus$y now, grabbed her by the waist, gave one final thrust and shot his cum up my friend’s cunt. They both collapsed on the bed soon after.
An hour later, after sam finally left the room, I came out from my hiding spot. grace was still lying in bed, looking at me. I said nothing to her as I walked out and went home.
That evening, when sam returned home, he brought me a bouquet of flower and a box of chocolate. He kissed me deeply and hugged me.
I knew exactly where his good mood was coming from. I played along with him, though. That night, as I laid in bed, he excused himself to go to the bathroom.
Some minutes after I got a text from grace, saying sam wants to meet again the next week. I told her that was cool.
I was going to be there again this time. Hiding, watching and cumming alongside my man and my friend.

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