How Older People Can Stay Healthy And Independent


How Older People Can Stay Healthy And Independent

One of the major challenges people face when they get older is staying independent. Just one little mishap can land them in the hospital for weeks or even months. Older people are vulnerable to communicable diseases, falls and other types of illnesses. However, with the proper information and tools, they will be able to leave a healthy life independently. Below, you will discover more information on how older people can stay healthy and independent for longer.

All older people are at risk of brittle bones, especially women. One of the most common bone diseases diagnosed among older people is osteoporosis, a condition associated with fragile and weakening bones. Not only will this disease put older people at risk of fractures, but also put them at risk of becoming debilitated. When senior citizens fracture a leg or hip, they will end up being hospitalized for months. Some of them will even end up in assisted living facilities for months or the rest of the life.

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Reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis will depend on your activity and diet. By each, a health diet with foods rich in vitamin D and calcium can reduce these risks significantly. Regular exercise will also help to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Battling Heart Disease

Another very common condition linked to old age is heart disease, which is also the number one killer among all age groups in the United States. Many people think because they are aging there is no reason to worry about developing heart disease. This is a huge misconception, because by eating healthy and exercises, you can improve and maintain heart health.

Older people who have a heart attack will end up in the nursing home, because they are unable to take care of themselves. Of course, if you have a family this may potentially keep you from needing to be admitted to a skilled nursing facility. While some people only live in the facility for several months, others will end up spending the rest of their life there. Nursing home abuse is always something that comes to  an older person’s mind, when they think about being admitted to such a facility.

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Keep Your Brain Active

Dementia is very common among senior citizens. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why people over the age of 70 end up in the nursing home or assisted living facility. As the old saying goes “use it or lose it,” this is the case with brain function, especially memory. The key to reducing your risks of developing dementia is to keep your brain active.

You should consider learning a new language or a new hobby. Board games and card games work marvelously in slowing the progression or preventing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  The slowing cognitive decline is common among older people, but many continue to live a healthy and independent life, because they are able to keep their brain active and healthy.


By staying as active as possible will reduce your risks of falls, dementia and other illnesses associated with aging. Believe it or not, there are some senior citizens that are able to live independently in their own home without some assistance from family and friends.