The one who wanted an@l


When we got together, I found out that my as$ was something that truly aroused him. He paid it so much attention and could not seem to get enough. I started offering my body up for money about six years ago. At the beginning, an@l $ex was never offered.
I never really had anything against the act, but I figured this was probably something I would find uncomfortable. But when Mr R reached out to me, offering to pay double my cost to fk my as$hole, I was taken aback.
A lot of my erotic photos featured on my website included some naughty pics of my as$, sometimes n*de, so when he informed me that these photos only made him dream of fking my as$, I was not sure how to take it.
But I find it very difficult to reject money (probably why I became a what I am now) and that amount was much too tempting to refuse.
When we got together, I found out that my as$ was something that truly aroused him. He paid it so much attention and could not seem to get enough.
From the point where he entered the room and asked me to turn around so he can give it a stroke, to when we were in bed and he wanted to finger my pus$y if I were bent over on hands and knees.
He was great with his fingers, though. As he inserted one finger inside my pus$y, I felt myself react in pleasure. I moaned hard and was enjoying the finger fking until…
Smack! his palm made contact my as$, hard. I jumped, startled when he did this, I tried to look back at him but he took his hand off my pus$y, used it to hold my waist down and gave me another spank on my as$.
Each time he spanked me, he groaned. He rubbed my as$ gently, spanked me again and groaned. He seemed to be getting off on watching my as$ jiggle after each smack.
It truly stung, but after the third spank, he put his finger in my pus$y again and began to fk me even deeper. When he put two fingers in, I began to shudder as I got close to cumming.
As the orgasm ripped out of me, he gave my as$ another hard spank and I just about lost it. I screamed out loud. I was not even sure if that was in pleasure or in pain but that orgasm was so intense that it took me a while to catch my breath.
I could hear Mr R grunt and moan and he also seemed to be breathless. I felt him kneel behind me as he rubbed the tip of his dick against the entrance of my as$hole.
Doing this made me even wetter, considering how nervous I was about an@l. He then slid a finger into my tight as$hole. I moaned at the foreign feeling of having something enter that hole. It actually felt good.
So much so that when he began to slide his finger in and out of that tight hole, I started moving my as$ back and forth to meet the thrust.

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He then buried his head between my as$ and replaced his finger with his tongue. I started moaning even louder as I got even more turned on. My excitement increased as I felt him spit saliva in my as$hole over and over again the more he licked.

He was doing such sweet things to my as$hole that my pus$y was begging for contact. I reached my hand down and began to stroke my already wet cunt.

I slid a finger into my pus$y as he used his finger to enter my as$hole again. We both fked my holes simultaneously over and over again until I started to feel myself cumming.

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The fact that both my holes were being fked so good got me so high that soon I was squirting cum everywhere. Mr R reached between my pus$y to gather some of my juice and brought them to my as$, using it to stroke my as$hole until it got wet.

By now, I was relaxed and ready for him to enter me. Once again, he placed his cock at my entrance, but this time, I pushed back, showing him I wanted my as$hole fked.

He entered me and I groaned from the mixture of both pleasure and pain. I tried to stay relaxed until he was able to completely fill my as$. He started to thrust in and out. As he did this, he grabbed a handful of my as$ and kneaded as he fked.

I cried out loud again as he began the spanking. Each time he entered me, he gave me a hard, stinging slap on the as$. I was going insane from all the dirty things he was doing.
Soon, things got even more intense as he held on to my as$ and fked my as$hole so deep I started screaming. He rammed harder and harder into my as$ that I started to beg him to slow down.

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He groaned and grunted louder and I knew this was what he was working towards. He was completely taken over by the pleasure of my tight hole wrapped around his hard throbbing dick so he kept fking me with wild abandon.

I was pleading with him again and again but he was a man on a mission. He grabbed my as$ so tight that his nails dug into my skin until he finally gave two deep, hard thrusts and spilled in me all his manly juices.

When he finally came out of my hole, I collapsed on the bed, exhausted.