Couple Caught Having Fun in a Fire Engine Sparks Outrage as Fire Chiefs Vow to Track Them Down


A n*ked blonde has had s*x in a fire engine in a picture circulating online as fire chiefs in Manchester are trying to discover the couple’s identity.

An x-rated picture which emerged online showing a couple having s*x in a fire engine, has triggered an investigation by Greater Manchester Fire Service after the image of the couple was uploaded online by someone claiming to be a fireman looking for ‘fellow swingers’.
Dailymail UK reported that the picture, which clearly shows a Manchester Fire Service website address, came from an online profile belonging to ‘6ft 5ins Callum’, a 27-year-old who described himself as ‘genuine fire crew’ and a ‘down to earth lad’.
He claims to be bisexual and lists his interests as ‘adult parties, group s*x, cross-dressing and dogging’, looking for partners and couples aged 18 to 60.
Meanwhile the woman, who is seen topless and pressed up against the vehicle’s window during the lewd act, is ‘Jodie 5ft 8ins’ who is 58 and describes herself as ‘genuine cabin crew’ with an ‘amazing personality’.
‘There is real anger within the fire service that a colleague abused his position by having s*x in an engine and used the image on a swingers’ site.
Greater Manchester Fire Service said it would do all it can to find out who the culprits were and said such acts had ‘no place’ in the organisation (file picture)
‘From the image, we know at least two people were having s*x and another was taking the photo, which means at least three people were probably in a Manchester fire station endorsing this indecent behaviour.
‘It’s not a laughing matter and heads will roll. Images like this don’t help the service.’
A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire Service said: ‘I cannot believe we’re still seeing highly inappropriate images like this in the fire and rescue service in 2017. It’s not who we are.
‘Firefighters in GMFRS are hard-working and proud to serve their communities. They are professional and diligent. Crew will be embarrassed by this at best.
‘Most people will be furious at the suggestion this is acceptable or a reflection of how we behave. It isn’t.
‘We’ll do everything we can to find out about how this picture was made and who was involved. There is no place for this in our organisation.’

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