Screwing the Old Dude – Lady Share Details of Explosive Night of Banging


After a few seconds of plunging his fat fingers in and out my cunt, he mounted me. I spread my legs even wider and was gyrating my hips against him violently as I came.

For someone who sucks and f*cks dicks as often as I do, one would assume I am a very outgoing person, but the party scene has never really been my thing.
Sure, I would go and try to have fun if I had to but if it could be helped, I simply stayed away. Besides, how much fucking actually gets done within a crowd filled with people?
I was moving my body to the beat and showing off my goods on one of those evenings where I had to suck it up and attend a party. One of Martha’s older ‘boyfriends’ had a celebration at his club.
He asked her to come around and bring as many girlfriends as she could. So, about eight of us hopped into the cars sent over by the hosts and tried to bring our party A-game with us.
I was being pawed and grabbed on all evening. One man especially, who found every opportunity to dance with me or talk to me, had the habit of digging his nails almost painfully into my backside while making a grunting, s*xual sound. I did not mind much. Sure, I was not a fan of being groped so extensively but I knew what I was there for.
Besides, after spotting the Rolex on his wrist, I realised he must be loaded and rich people can always get away with whatever they wanted when it came to me.
“You are such a sweet girl, so soft,” he grunted in my year as he found me for about the tenth time that night. I was standing in a corner, taking a break from all the dancing and mingling.
“Lola, right? Hmm… Omo Yoruba ni e… Omo to shan…” he added, showing a slight surprise that I was a Yoruba girl. I simply nodded and smiled and I soon felt his tongue moving against my neck. I looked around. Most of the men had chosen their favourite girl and were entertaining them with words and whatever. This man’s ministrations on my body went pretty unnoticed.
“Thank you, sir,” I said, stroking his arm gently. I was rewarded with a smile and another deep grunt. I was about to suggest we get more drinks when his mouth came crashing down on mine roughly. His tongue darted out and into my mouth, exploring everywhere.
His technique was far from smooth but I did not mind. He brought one hand down and parted my legs. The hand quickly went underneath the hemline of my skirt where he began to paw feverishly at my cunt through my panties.
I let him get off on that for a few minutes, getting a little thrill from being groped in public like that. I could hear his heavy breathing despite the music and wondered if this man would cum while surrounded by people.
Eventually, he pulled back, panting. “Let’s go to my room. Let me take care of you. Fine girl…” He said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me along. On our way out, he greeted a few of his friends who hailed him in the crass way drunk men do. I stood quietly beside him, with a fixed smile on my face as some of them said hello to me.
We reached the room in about ten minutes and my ‘date’ had his clothes off in seconds. I did not expect him to take mine off. This arrangement was far from romantic. I got undressed and his hands were on me again.
This time, he was even more eager. He pushed me to the bed where he separated my legs with one hand and pushed two fingers straight up my p*ssy. He began to pump hungrily. I eyed his waiting erection. He had no points for length but that cock was quite thick. I was relieved. I often dreaded some of these men when it came to sizes, one could never tell.
After a few seconds of plunging his fat fingers in and out my pussy, he mounted me. I spread my legs even wider, creating more space for him. He head landed on one of my breasts where he began to lick and suck like a hungry baby suckling his mother’s tits. He was also as loud as the room was filled with sounds of him groaning and making sucking noises on my nipples.
He grabbed the other one in his hand and began sucking that too. It was not really arousing but it was not so bad either. I wished he would f*ck me though. I was starting to eagerly anticipate that thick cock entering me.
His hand returned to my pussy where he played around at the entrance for a while. “F*ck me,” I moaned, hoping to encourage him. He seemed not to have heard me as he was in a whole other world. He did, eventually, place his cock at my entrance and pushed. I lifted my hips so his dick can enter as deeply as possible.
He was soon grinding, thrusting, panting and groaning as he f*cked me. It was almost as good as I hoped. His thickness stretched me but the tip did not quite make it to my sweet spot. To aid my pleasure, I reached down to massage my clit. As usual, he did not even notice this. His eyes were closed and he was using his elbow as leverage as he pushed in and out.
My fingers on my cunt were doing the trick and soon I was gyrating my hips against him violently as I came. My now well-lubricated cunt seemed to excite him even more because he pushed up, placing his palm on the bed and began to pump harder into my p*ssy. His eyes were still closed while his mouth was open as he breathed through it. I placed my hands on his back, moaning and talking to excite him.
“F*ck me,” I said. ” Oh Yes, f*ck my p*ssy. That feels so good. Your dick is so hard inside me. Ohhh.. Aaahhh yeah…” I kept repeating again and again until finally, his groan got louder and he began to jerk and stilled. His cock swelled and throbbed, filling me with his cum.
He fell asleep almost immediately after, and so did I. I knew this was not over and these men were usually more generous in the morning if they got a whole night of satisfaction.
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