This Is What The Shape of Your Booty Says About Your Health


This Is What The Shape of Your Booty Says About Your Health

last night I was chatting with one of my female friend she told be she is just coming back from the gym house and I was surprised and ask why did you went to the gym house she said because want a big Butts i was amaze and ask myself when will the guys start going to gym because they want a big D I really don’t know what the world is turning to shortly a flash question come through my mind and I ask did you know that your butt has a lot more to say about your health than you might think? she have no idea, many female believed that big butty is a way of calling attention of a male to be sexually rose but the fact is butty is more than the general basic view so as a health educator I write up this because many females want big butts but have no idea of what it entail Butts is getting a lot of attention in the media these days.

many people focus on overall weight and are focused on cleaning out the junk in their trunk so they can be at an optimal weight. While obesity is a growing problem throughout the nation due to unhealthy diets and a lack of physical activity, studies show that you may actually be more healthy than your counterparts if your fat is strategically stored in your lower half.
Who would have thought that the rear-end that you have been blaming every time your pant size goes up could actually be protecting you from some very serious health problems in the future? Read on and find out what health experts are saying about that gluteus maximus and how the shape could be an indicator that your body is better equipped to battle certain health problems.

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How Your Derrière Could Protect Your Heart

Konstantinos Manolopoulos of the University of Oxford, researchers said that the body’s distribution of fat is important for your health. As far as health is concerned, all fat is not bad fat. In the studies published in the International Journal of Obesity, it was found that accumulations around the chest are much more dangerous because of how close the fatty acids are to the heart.

Fat in the tuchus, however, keeps the fatty acids away from the heart, the arteries, nd the liver to lower your risk of heart disease and other debilitating problems like diabetes. Since your body is ultimately programmed to decide whether to store the fat in the butt region or in the stomach region, it is said that, in women, the hormones that direct and distribute fat are actually doing this to protect the heart by building up the buttocks.

Do Women Always Have This Heart Protection?

Unfortunately, when women go through menopause and their hormones begin to change, they lose the protection offered by their bubble butt and will have the same risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes as men in the same age range. This is why it is so important to recognize the changes in your body as you approach this stage of your life.

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Hemorrhoids and the Size of Your Rear End

Your heart may be healthy, but a large and in charge behind could lead to some major discomfort in your anus and lower rectum. Hemorrhoids can often lead to bleeding when you use the bathroom. The cause of this bleeding is swollen veins that could be triggered by several different things.

You may be lacking in fiber in your diet or sitting too long, but another very common cause of hemorrhoids is obesity. find that you suffer from hemorrhoids often, it may be time to consider battling the bulge to put less pressure on the veins.

Is Your Butt to Blame for Bumps Around Your Backside

Folliculitis, while it is a common and harmless condition, can be irritating and embarrassing. It resembles acne and can be found on the upper thigh and buttocks where the hair follicles have become damaged. When you have a larger waist-hip ratio, it is common for your thigh region to rub and lead to damaged hair follicles that look more like a breakout you would find on your face. The infection can be cleared with topical ointment, but if it persists you may need to change your clothing detergent or even the fabrics that you wear.

What Your Back, Feet, and Hips Show About Core Strength

The human species has gluteal muscles so that we can effectively walk upright. What you might not know is that your butt is shaped specifically because of the way that you walk and how strong your muscles are on the feet and back. If you have weak core muscles in the back, it could lead to a droopy bottom that many try to avoid. If, however, your hips look bulkier rather than having a drop, the problem is on the feet. The key is to change up your workout routine so that you can strengthen the muscles that your other muscles are compensating for.
With just one glance of your rear end, an expert may be able to tell you a lot about what you need to do to live a healthier life. Not only can you find out if you are prone to major health problems, your lower region could be screaming for a change in routine. Listen to your body and do what you can to stay as healthy as possible.

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