Top 10 American Festivals You Need to Attend Once in Your Life


Top 10 American Festivals You Need to Attend Once in Your Life

The typical holiday season in America comes during the Summers although people chasing the American dream try to find some time off the daily grind during other months. You can sample some jazz, don up a cowboy hat or enjoy the extreme weather changes as you travel from Florida to Massachusetts. American festivals will present the frenzy, excitement and energy that you need. Ranging from exhibits to food festivals. America is the land which has everything for everyone; a sandwich at 4 a.m OR a horse ride along a ranch in the evening. There is a variety of fun across the land.

Americans can be fat, they appear to eat a lot probably because they have upsize food and free coke refills, but the fact is that their food is much more and beyond hamburgers and fries. They invented salads, and as you enjoy Amish pie as you drive through Virginia and get your lunch special at Pierce’s BBQ. You will see that beyond the urban cities the country is quite different than it is perceived to be. The following festivals show that America is more than a nation of super sized meals!

12Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans

Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans

Although bands play in New Orleans’ clubs all year round, what you witness during this festival is hard to beat. The easy going rhythm and the colourful culture of the South are more explicit during this time of the year. The festival is held in April/May every year so if you are looking for some time away from the disco pop and heat of the city clubs, you could head to New Orleans now.