Top 10 Best Jobs in the US Right Now


Top 10 Best Jobs in the US Right Now

The job scenario in America has had a difficult few years; yet in the middle of this financial down-turn some positions are enabling the middle class to take benefit of their growth opportunities. Some of these jobs are pretty known and some aren’t known. But none the less, these are the 10 best jobs in the US currently. Check them out:

1210. Occupational Therapist

Best Jobs in the US

Occupational therapists encourage people to do easy and complex everyday activities such as putting on shoes or getting up from the bed. People, who want a career as occupational therapists also work with OCD children at schools, help with their progress, confidence and evolution. They also support students to socialize more efficiently. The middle pay is $74,900, while the highest position pays $102,000. Occupational Therapist job raised in the US is last projected as 33.5%.