Top 10 Best US Car Insurance Companies


Getting your car insured provides you with a number of benefits including securing indemnification in case of theft or accident, providing efficient payment options against your claims along with the efficient customer services in case of any problem or query.

So are you looking for an insurance company to insure your car against thefts or accidents? Are you in search of a good company to provide you with in-depth coverage for your vehicle, driver discounts, ensure efficient claim management and various other benefits ? Even if you haven’t thought about it and just seek an introduction to the world of insurance companies, then you are at the right place. This article will take you in a tour through 10 of the best insurance companies in the US.

12Erie Insurance

If you are a resident of Indiana, New York, Kentucky or a few other areas and do not travel beyond the state boundaries by road, then Erie Insurance Company is a good option to consider. Although it provides comprehensive plans for car insurance but it has been ranked at no. 10 because of the limited geographical coverage.