Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies


In a patriarchal world, women do not usually have the same opportunities that men get to seize, whether in jobs or life on the whole, but strangely women still have more responsibilities than men to take care of, especially if there are kids involved. Even when it comes to driving, we usually find a lot of comics regarding how terrible the way women drive is.

Well, it is not fair. Consequently, to make life a bit easier for women, a lot of car insurance companies have issued women-friendly policies, because according to several studies conducted women are safer drivers than men are, and less likely to get into accidents, so they should be awarded by paying less when it comes to insuring their own cars. It might be a bit stereotypical, but it actually takes more than just your gender to pay less to an insurance company. There are several ways to get cheaper car insurance and cut down the costs a little bit: having a small sized engine, providing your car with security features and going about five years, or more, without damaging it. All of these methods help in reducing the amount you pay for any car insurance company and that is probably why most of women and older people fall in this category. Following is a list of 10 car insurance companies that have different discounts and packages for you ladies.


Debenhams; as much as this brand is capable of providing you with the best and the latest trends in fashion, including dresses, handbags, accessories, different kinds of tops and bottoms, and even footwear, it is also capable of providing you with one of the best car covers ever. If you are a Debenhams cardholder, you are already classified among those who get about 10% discounts on their insurance along with a free gift card that is worth £10. You are also allowed to keep you No Claims discounts, and you can have an immediate replacement for your car, in case your car is being repaired by one of the repairers that are recommended by Debenhams.