Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World


Time is the most precious thing we have, once gone it never comes back. To save it, humans made many revolutionary discoveries and invented many gadgets and machines. Traveling was made easy to save time. It helped us and still helping to accomodate with better opportunities. From bullock carts to horses, then cycles to motor cycles and now high speed cars, they all have had a great impact in our lives. Now, without the means of transport, with distances to big, it’s imperative for people to seek the refuge to their respective vehicles to reach the destination of their will within the given time. Aeroplanes, trains and buses too came into existence for the same reason to savage moments, which result in elongating your life sans them from being wasted. Ships and boats also were designed to shorten the trips and distances.

They even advanced into being the fastest one. Ocean to oceans, humans have made it possible. Luxury yatchs and ships have been tililating people since many decades. They accomplish the fast moving with all facilities. Though, expensive, but worth the money. Bullet train ia again one machine of transportation, which is second fastest means of travel in the world after planes. India with the help of Japan will get its first bullet train between the pathway of Mumbai-Ahamdabad. For the same, prime minister of Japan has lend his support and signed an agreement with India. As per that, they will be providing India a loan of whooping Rs 98000 crore inheriting the technology of making. The work for the same will kick off from year 2017. This way our country too would become amongst a few nations boasting of such machinery.

12THSR 700T

THSR-700T fastest bullet trains

This high speed bullet train belongs to Taiwan. The train was manufactured by Japan in 2007 and was made to run between Taipei and Kosyung. It runs at a speed of 300 km/hr and has curtailed a big time consuming journey to mere 90 minutes. It has made a huge difference for the folks travelling one place to another lieng between the above mentioned cities. It takes almost 4:30 hours otherwise when traveled through a car. This high speed train is a collaborative effort by companies like Kawasaki, Hitachi, and Nippon Sharayo . 30 Trains were manufactured under the pact and $ 3.4 billion was spent for the project. The best part of the train is that it takes mere 15 minutes to touch its top speed.

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