Top 10 Rarest Cars You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Top 10 Rarest Cars You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The world is infested with art collectors, artifact collectors and more especially people who show appreciation for the rarest things that somebody in the world has found value to; something outrageously rare and ancient that’s priceless. Yet, there are still some people out there who will be able to afford a $1.2 Million vase for their guest room or for their toilet window! This is where the ancient act of ‘trading’ began and still continues anyway. The fact is, the need, desire of people will never fade and has always existed ever since the beginning of modern day man.

Cars! On the other hand, are one of man’s greatest desire. It’s been this way since the industrial revolutions and still is today to more futuristic extreme. There are some vehicles, especially in the form of classic rarest cars which have become highly sought after by some of the richest collectors in the world who spend days, months, if not years hunting for certain models of cars. And, to filter the list out of the many auto motives in 1000’s of production till date, here’s top 10 rarest cars in the world that you’ve probably haven’t even heard off. The rarity of the cars have been ranked by popularity, overall fame, price worth as well as year of production.

12Packard Panther

1954 Packard Panther

We may consider this car exactly what it’s ‘last name’ suggests, panther, being the inspired shape of its exquisite and rather unique design of that era which in the forefront appeared like that of the face of the cat itself. Packard Panther’s concept design was meant to show the world, where the design and future of cars were heading back in that era and has certainly given attention to detail in shaping it exactly as envisioned. The Packard Company had plans to feature a new fleet design by the late 1950’s yet hasn’t gone full blown into production which leaves the Panther to remain one of the rarest cars in the name. This 1954 masterpiece is a rare of its kind and also featured the flicker lights. Packard Panther can be picked up for around $800 000. Strangely, if you look closer at the front of how it’s designed, you would see a mustache shaped bumper and grid which is one of the most distinctive features of the car.