Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World


Today football is considered to be the most famous sport on the planet, and with intense worldwide popularity, comes plenty of money. Football is commonly known as soccer, and it is the most broadly played sports on the planet. Skills, strategies, goals, and celebrations are several terms that define the ecstasy of this attractive game.

Footballers are considered not less than a celebrity plus their reputation is discussed all over the world. These football players may also be considered amongst the richest people on the planet for their lucrative deals plus huge salary. Here, we list the top 10 richest footballers in the world today.

12Frank Lampard

Net worth: €80 Million ($87 million)

Top 10 Richest Footballers Frank Lampard

English footballer plus Chelsea legend Frank Lampard tends to be the most flourishing midfielder in the English Premier League. Getting performed for Chelsea for thirteen years, as a midfielder, he is also the best goal scorer and keeps several records to his name. Considered to enjoy much achievement during his profession with domestic cup plus European Cup, Lampard is the second richest British footballer after Rooney with the net worth of $87 million. Hottest media and football specialists always praised a lot his extraordinary abilities even Lampard stays in their conversation concerning soccer at all times. Lampard’s captaincy of Chelsea performed a crucial role in winning of UEFA Champions League in 2012 and then next year first UEFA Europa League.