Top 10 Sexiest Hollywood Actresses


One of the hardest things to do; to make a judgement of the most beautiful or sexiest of a bunch of women when each and every one of them is ultimately beautiful in their very own and unique ways. No women likes to be compared to the next and this isn’t what I’m doing. I’m just categorizing them in terms of the top 10 sexiest Hollywood actresses, and here is our list, in descending order. Enjoy!

12Julia Roberts

Smiling Queen Julia Roberts

The star who made the movie “pretty women” a hit, Julia Roberts as the title of that chick flick movie suggests has become one of her signatures in the film industry and as far as her acting career went. She’s so womanish and gives of a natural flare of feminine charm. She is truly an unconventional women. She hold the tenth place in our list of sexiest Hollywood actresses.

Her best scene, I would say which brought out her true beauty by being a hot women would be in the scene in ‘Pretty Women’, back in the 90’s as a Prostitute with class.